Are you pursuing fitness for the right reasons?

The world has become extremely health conscious now. Those days of eating without a care, not working out for months are long gone. The holy trinity of well being- Fitness, Beauty and Health have become essentials in our lives. And why not? It is great to see people take care of themselves.

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Online Education in India

Online education isn’t something that was created recently. Also called e-learning, it is conducted in a virtual learning environment where the distance between the professor and learner is inconsequential. Some schools use visual training materials, which is a form of virtual courses. It had become quite popular among professionals and college students long before the coronavirus forced us all to adopt it. Teachers and students around the world had to get accustomed to the nuances of this method of teaching.

 As a pupil myself, I confess that it was not as easy as some might have thought, and I can only imagine the difficulties faced by the teachers. Now, after more than six months of virtual learning, it is time to review and look back on the good, the bad and the ugly that came with this mode of education.

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Because You’re Worth It!

The world likes to sell lies
To make us question ourselves.
They make happiness a prize
For only the chosen few.
May I give some advice?
Don’t ever listen to them.
They don’t wanna see you rise
They only care for your fall.
They’re pulling wool over your eyes
And making you a lost, blind fool.

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I don’t even know
What I want anymore.
Everything I used to like
Now seems like a bore.
The same question always
Lingers in my head-
What will I do
To earn my bread?
I’ll have to do something
But what will it be?
I don’t have a clue
As to what it could be.
They say you’ll know
As time goes by,
But now I have to choose…
Oh well, what have I got to lose?
There is no right answer
Since this is a trick question.
What’ll work for me
Might not for someone.
I’m not alone in this,
I know that for a fact.
But I need to decide
Before it’s too late to act…